Proceedings of the 6th Symposium of the HSA

Contributions (in English only) are now accepted for review at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with a words/pages limit of 3000 words/ 6 pages, including pictures and references.

All papers will be refereed and the acceptance for publication will be subject to the reviewers' recommendations.

At the request of several authors we decided to extend the deadline for submitting your document(s) to January 17, 2014.

Layout Specifications

Text should be supplied ONLY in English, as Word files.

The page size is A4 (21 x 29.7cm). Text should be fully justified both left and right with single line spacing in 10 point,Times New Roman font.

Margins: Top – 2.5cm, Bottom, Left and Right – 2cm, Header – 1.5cm, Footer – 0.7cm.

Separate paragraphs by a single blank line, without indents. To separate paragraphs, use two returns, rather than formatting. Use a single space after a full stop. Sub-headings may be in bold, small caps, italics or bold italics. Do not use underlining. Styles for headings, dates etc. must be consistent.

The bibliography should be placed after any appendices. No specific style is preferred by Archaeopress, but be consistent.

Page numbers should be centred below this area at the foot of the page in font size 10.

Figures / Images /Graphs should be sent as separate files (TIF or JPEG). They should be in black and white or greyscale, and produced at a high resolution, at least 600 dpi. Tables should be in portrait layout.

Illustration captions should be differentiated from text by use of a different style – italics, bold, or small caps. They may also be centred and in a different size. They must be consistent.

Preferred typeface is Times New Roman; alternatives will be considered on request. A different sans-serif font is recommended for tables etc. Do not leave blank areas on a page. Always make sure each page is filled with text and/or images (unless it is the last page of the chapter).

All figures, tables, and illustrations must have a numbered caption.

Copyright: All illustrations that are not the author’s own photographs or drawings must have copyright clearance (and these rights should include possible electronic/digital format distribution). It is the responsibility of the author to obtain this clearance. Illustration captions or a List of Figures should cite necessary copyright information. If any restrictions apply from the copyright holders in specific instances, authors must inform Archaeopress accordingly.